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Jhonen Vasquez Fan Community

Do not weep, he probably would have killed you.

Jhonen Vasquez Fans
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This community was created after leaving 2 JTHM and Jhonen communities. Those said communities were all full of psycho crazies who worship Jhonen Vasquez--in the same way that people worshipped the giant bloaty pig in an episode of Invader Zim.

jv_fans is a community for fans of Jhonen Vasquez as an artist and creative mind. It's a place to discuss his works and collaborations and to share information or icons, etc.



~no crazy freak psychos
~no porn
~no talking smack or being disrespectful to fellow members/moderators
~no soliciting, we don't want any
~for the love of God read the FAQ before posting any questions

Websites of Interest:

JV Official Website
Invader Zim
DeviantART Club - join now!
SheezyART Club - Join it.


Q: How is this community so different from the others?
A: We're intent on keeping ourselves as non-obsessive as possible - updating only when Jhonen Vasquez has something new out, to make a comment on how interesting some comic panel or ZIM episode was, to release facts about where he is making an appearance next, etc. We stay away from posting new pictures of him, squealing unnecessarily, and our recent adventures in JV stalking.

Q: Does Jhonen answer his emails?
A: Yes.

Q: Well he won't reply to mine! Waah!!!
A: That's not our problem. Though we would like to point out that he does have a rather large fanbase (to put it simply) and to ask that he answer every single one of his emails is asking a lot. Be thankful that he even gave out his email address, and that he even READS them.

Q: Will there be another JtHM series?
A: No. So stop asking.

Q: How do you pronounce his name?
A: Joe-nin Vas-kez

Q: What's his current hair-color?
A: ...Who are you?

Q: Does JV have an AIM/ICQ/YIM/MSN/etc?
A: If he were sane he wouldn't. And if he does have one it's doubtful that he'd publicize it.

Q: What about a LiveJournal?
A: Amazingly, yes. sunny_skye

Q: Is he gay?
A: ...What?

Q: It's just that I've never heard of him with a girlfriend/wife.
A: Maybe he just likes to be alone. It's funny that we've never heard of him with a guy either but that doesn't stop people from making baseless accusations.

Q: Why isn't this community as popular as [insert other JV community here]?
A: We're new.

Q: How can I contact the moderators?
A: sapientimp @livejournal.com (remove the spaces)

Questions you don't see on here? Okay, well NOW go ahead and post it in the community.