Koumori No Kisaki (nightchaser) wrote in jv_fans,
Koumori No Kisaki

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Let me just say...

Thank You. Thank you to all nearly 90 members for allowing this community to grow the way it has, with the members that it has. When I started this community it was hard to gain members, and I never thought it was reach the number it has today. I know that this community has seemed a bit dead lately, and I apologize that it isn't snappy, but thanks for stopping by. I hope that you faithful readers and posters continue to stay faithful. I know that 90 members may not seem like much to some of you (since many jv communites are in the thousands...) I know that we are a moron-free community, and for that I, and I am sure the other mods are proud.

This ends the mushiness...please continue with your stink filled lives.

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