Doomy (iwanted2explode) wrote in jv_fans,

*Awakes from slumber*

Yes, yes, no news of Jhonen lately. I get it. But what has happened to everyone? Did we all just fall of the face of the intarweb?

I know someone has doodled something or written something for fan art. Where's all that? Huh?

C'mon, people! Don't let the community die! It's closing in on 3 months of inactivity in here! Surely you don't need a psychopathic fan to liven the place up! I DUN WANNA! YOU CAN'T MAKE MEEEE!!!

...... On a related note, I don't have internets at home, nor do I have a good computer (running ME since 2000 - yuck). I'm going to be getting a new one here in the coming months, along with some form of broadband. Anyway, I have the Zim DVDs, and I want to put them on an iPod. Though, the DVDs may be copy-protected, or the computer may not let me copy due to restrictions. Or some crap that will (I'm sure) come up). So, my question is this: If I can get the DVDs copied, would iTunes let me download EVERY episode if I could prove I have the DVDs?

Hey, lookit that! I did good! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
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