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Jhonen signing at Chicago Comics (again)

 Well fellow Jhonen-ites (yeah, that was lame, shut up), I'm home, fed, and I've uploaded all my pics and scans from Saturday onto Photobucket. Without further ado, here is the stuff you wanna read/see. If you want my full day, go ahead and check out my personal LJ.

We got to Chicago Comics early as shit this year. 12:30, I think. Anyway, the shop owner wasn't there, and we wanted our tickets in line. So we had to wait until 2, when he got there, to get our tickets. I got number one, again. :D Oh! And a little flyer. I have a couple, and one is hanging from my mini-fridge now. Score.

So, we walked around downtown a bit, grabbed some gub, went into The Alley, met up with some friends (but not  starmatter>:O ) and got our tickets when the owner got there. We volunteered to help out with anything he might want since we were pestering him and such, and he didn't really want us to, but was nice about it. So, we went and wondered more.

6:30 came around, and people started gathering around outside the shop. Girlfriend had Spooky with, and wanted to take a picture or two.

We got in line, waited for Jhonen and Jenny (heh, I just mistyped "Jelly") to arrive, and bullshiat. They came in the front door this time, which surprised me. You'd think he'd get mauled out there, but no. J & J talk with the owner and employees, and get comfy. They were asked for any food or drinks, and just wanted water for the moment. "And lots of candy!" I added. "Oh no, I'm full of sweets," Jhonen let us know. Apparently, people had been feeding him cupcakes. It probably doesn't help some people we met up with baked him some. D'oh!

Anyway, I started off by showing him my tattoo from last year, and he was surprised at how it "looks just like I drew it!" (Although, my arm wasn't big enough, so the tattoo artist shrunk it a bit, and removed a line from Minimoose's eye). He also complimented me on the design of my Zim shirt, which I thought was funny, since, ya know, he drew all the designs.

Jenny and Jhonen absolutely mixed into a perfect sauce. It's like anything one said, the other had something to say about that comment, and they both laughed about it all. You'd think they were dating or married or something. Not to imply anything... because I'm not! I'm just saying that they mixed well. Also, you know how Jhonen is notoriously short? So is Jenny. Shorter than Jhonen. O_o

Anyway, I asked them both to sign my newly purchased, first printing of Jellyfist. Jenny went first, while Jhonen started on my newly bought Johnny faces poster. I was expecting just signatures, but I think I made out OK. Still on Jellyfist, Jhonen also signed a JTHM Director's Cut I had left over (unread, too!) After Jenny finished, I asked them for my last request. I asked them to each draw me a bee. Why bees? I had flipped though Jellyfist earlier, and had seen Jenny's and fell in love with them. So, such bees we had.

My girlfriend had a Johnny faces poster signed, too, and wanted a few drawings. I'm not quite sure what she asked Jenny for, but it's kinda obvious. And she had it all planned what to ask Jhonen for: Zombie. That fucker makes me laugh each time I see it.

Oh, we had some friends from town with us this time, too. One asked for Minimoose on her filthy tie, which was amusing. Jhonen questioned how it got so dirty, and there was some random reply. I dunno... He made Minimoose's eye lop-sided! HA!! Oh, and the other friend had Jenny draw a cat on a bag she bought. On the other side, she had Jhonen draw Shmee. It was SO bad ass. Pics later, hopefully.

After small talk, mostly of how the first 4 people took 10 minutes from drawings (so everyone will get a pig! HA!) we said our goodbyes, and thanked them both for the sigs, drawings, and having the signing. Before we did leave though, I thought that we had forgotten to do something, but I couldn't remember what. I knew we had taken pictures, but were we forgetting something? I wasn't sure, so I double-checked.

And that was our experience with Jhonen at Chicago Comics this year. Hopefully he'll do another signing again next year, so we have an excuse to leave this shithole-of-a-town again.

On some side notes, I snagged a Squee! shirt. w00t! OH! And if you have a copy of Jellyfist, open the book to the 4th comic, Sign of Times, and read the first sentence of the commentary. Without knowing it, earlier in the day, the friends we brought from town went and ate at the same restaurant. Kinda weird and cool, huh?

EDIT -  I found a video of the signing on YouTube! Christ, they put that shit up quick.
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Ugggh that sounded like fun.

I live like an hour from Chicago, and was planning on going, but of course I got sick the night before and missed it. )= Better luck next time.
Man, I'm sorry I missed meeting up with you ._. It was freezing rain out and the driver didn't want to drive in it, which is totally understandable. Sounds liek you had a good time though!
I understand, I just had to give you a hard time. And we did have a good time. But you weren't here! :O
ARgh!! *le sigh* Why is Chicago the closest Jhonen ever comes to Rhode Island?
You know, he was in New York not too long ago... I think that's a little closer. ;D
OH, and does this mean more Jhonen art tattoos are in the not-so-distant future?
I'm definitly thinking so. Everytime I see that bee, the more I think it would make another awesome tattoo.

Another thing I noticed, is that Jhonen draws alot of things facing the left. Hmm...
that must have been awesome. ugh Chicago. why not new york?!?!?! and i never seem to find out when he's in new york. only when he leaves!! damn! lmfao. jenny really does look short. but she looks cool.