The Littlest Pirate (ladyheather13) wrote in jv_fans,
The Littlest Pirate


I was searching for images of facial piercing since I'm considering putting another hole in my face and sticking something sparkly in it. I was looking at pictures of people's mutilated and tattooed bodies and found this:


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Enter-resting... Kind of plain, but interesting.


August 17 2007, 11:10:06 UTC 9 years ago

I thought it was cool someone would get Johnny on their back, the tattoo itself isn't very creative though. I'm not a fan of the rectangle shape on her back.
sorry that was from me
Ditto. You'd think they would try for something a little more... I don't know, not as mass produced? I mean, you see that particular drawing of Johnny in alot of places, t-shirts included. And the rectangle? Eeek...
It would have been cooler to do something johnny related but maybe him outside of a box, his whole body, doing something...looking like he's slashing out of her back or something creative.